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Monday, July 24, 2006

This vehicle runs on alcohol

Drunken driving is prohibited but what if the vehicle itself runs on alcohol!!!

That is exactly what the final year mechanical engineering students Sudeep R J Gonsalves, Ryan E B Heri, Sunil Shenoy K, Vikram P S and Sushanth Rao K of Nitte Mahalinga Adyanthaya Memorial Institute of Technology (NMAMIT) have done. They have devised a wonder vehicle which uses Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) as fuel.

The different alternate fuels in use are methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, Butanol, LPG, compressed natural gas (CNG) and hydrogen. Among these fuels the team chose Ethyl Alcohol as it requires least modifications in the engine. They experimented it on a 2-stroke Luna.

Since the calorific value of ethyl alcohol is less than that of petrol the jet size of the carburetor has to be increased by 1.2 times than that use for petrol.

The advantages are that since the Octane rating of ethanol is much higher than that of petrol knocking of engine is drastically reduced, resulting in high power output. Emission of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen and sulphur which are the major pollutants are found to be less than 0.01 with Ethanol.

Ethanol containing 5 to 15 per cent water can be conveniently used to run an engine but ethanol mixed with petrol demands 100 per cent pure ethanol.

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