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Saturday, July 15, 2006

A silent but steady collapse and exit in Indian outsourcing sector

By Harish Baliga

India is too costly, difficult to deal with, politically incorrect and just unproductive for the money.

According to media reports, Western companies are leaving India every day quietly as Indian outsourcing sectors prove unproductive. The other reason is the stagflation Western economies facing.

UK-based telecommunications company Belair Communications has shut down operations of its call centre located here employing nearly 100 people in a mysterious manner, prompting the workers'' Union to move the labour commissioner.

Without notice, all 93 employees of Belair Communications India Private Limited, a BPO provider (captive call centre) and subsidiary of Belair Communications UK Limited, were told last month to stop coming to office.

The London-based company has also been accused of not paying salaries and incentives to the employees from may.

The Union for ITES (Information Technology & Enabled Services) Professionals (Unites) has lodged a complaint with the labour commissioner here, seeking their intervention in conducting an enquiry and to initiate appropriate action against the firm under the Industrial Dispute Act 1947.

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