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Monday, July 24, 2006

Jamuna Pai's tips on great grooming

There is no better way to learn about beauty and grooming than from a beauty herself Dr. Jamuna Pai. As a medical student at Nair Hospital - Mumbai, Jamuna Pai has been herself crowned the beauty queen. With this passion for beauty and glamour she trained in cosmetology from one of the best schools in Cheshire, England. Trained with leading dermatologists in India and abroad she holds diplomas with credit from The British Independent Examination Board, The Royal Society of Health and The International Academy of Acupuncture. She is also a qualified electrologist and has diplomas in advanced facial treatments, laser therapy for aesthetic treatment amongst other treatments. She also holds a diploma in the administration of Botox and Filler Injection techniques, for treatment of deep facial folds and wrinkles.
Dr. Jamuna Pai set up her first cosmetic clinic Blush which is today India's leading cosmetic clinic offering modern skin and beauty care, carried out in total confidentiality and under strict medical supervision. To meet the increasing demand she has expanded into four skin enhancing clinics in Mumbai.

That’s not all, Dr. Pai is also a columnist with Femina, India's leading woman's magazine. She has written widely on topics of skin care and beauty and is a panelist in the exclusive group that grooms the winners of Femina Miss India for international pageants, like the Miss Universe and Miss World contests. Creating Beauty solutions combined with a sound medical knowledge has helped her business to flourish and also helped her clients acquire the best solutions for their skin.

8 and more tips for grooming by Dr.Jamuna Pai

Skin Care Tip
A combination of good health, balanced diet, and exercise.

Beauty Tip
Healthy lifestyle, cleansing and sunblock.

Make-up Tip
The lesser the make-up, the better for your skin. Minimalistic is the mantra. Use very minimal and basic make-up such as khol or kajal, or simply a bit of gloss.

Tip for Healthy Eyes
Food rich in Vitamin A such as, milk and milk products, carrots, spinach, nuts, green leafy vegetables and eggs.

Hair tip
Exercising results in fresh blood circulating in your blood and that is why your skin looks pink and flushed after exercising. So exercising is also good for your hair. Wash your hair regularly. Use a mild medicated shampoo once a week. A high protein diet and hygiene is necessary for your hair.

One tip for face (fresh look)
The simplest solution is to sleep enough. If you sleep well and then go for a part then you will look the best. Make a pack of cucumber, almonds and oats, apply on the face and let it stay for 10-15 minutes. This pack helps to exfoliate the dead skin. Cucumber tightens the pores of the skin whereas oats helps to exfoliate the skin.

Fitness tip
Combination of cardio, meditation and yoga. Cardio may include walking, swimming sa these increase the rate of the heart beat.

Bridal Tip
‘Happiness’, if you are happy then it shows on your face (everywhere). It is also necessary to bring down stress levels as this as most brides are very tensed.

Health tip
Checking your health regularly so that in case there is any problem then you can nip it in the bud.

Tip for healthy nails
Maintain a high protein diet.

Tip for great skin
The fact is that you can not choose your genes. Use a sun block and moisturizer in the day. Use a deep cleansing moisturizer at night.

Natural beauty tip
Eats lots of carrots as it is good for everything.

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