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Friday, November 25, 2005

New Konkani Tabloid 'Goencho Ulo' in Roman Script Launched

A new Konkani tabloid "Goencho Ulo" in Roman Script launched on Thursday.

The first editorial of the newly-launched Konkani tabloid in Roman script written by Joel D'Souza.

The ten-page tabloid [6 colour pages + 2 B/W pages] is issued free to the konkani reading public all over Goa. Currently it is planned as a fortnightly. The promoters hope to raise funds to keep it that way. It will be self-financing or cease to exist. The onus is on all who love the language and want the script to generate advertisement revenue. The initial push came from Rs.30,000/- sent by Ben Antao.

"Anink ek panvl, anink ek divli pettli." meaning "One more step, one more lamp is lit." is the title of the front page edit.

1 comment:

shruthi kamath said...

Hello to all,
I am a christian married to a Konkani speaking man, and am wanting to learn the language so I can fit in well with my inlaw's especially with my mom in law. I want to know if there is anyway i can learn the language on line. I know there is no script for konkani, but is there any other way i can learn the language on line, like the language written in english format so i can pronounce and learn how to speak..i want to do this to surprise my husband too. So please help