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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ajay Naik - towards Popularizing the Ghazal Format in Konkani Music

The prelude of Konkani 'Ghazals' programme was presented by Ajay Naik, in a programme called ‘Ghazal Rang’ held at Ponda, on November 20.

The evening of Ghazals, which touched the hearts of music-lovers, was inaugurated by well-known Ghazal singer of Mumbai, Bhimrao Panchale, by lighting the traditional lamp, which also gave light to the ghazals' stepping into the Konkani realm.

Ghazals, which have been sung in Urdu, Hindi, Gujarat and Marathi all these years, would now also be heard in Konkani now on, as the concept designed by Ajay Naik, to give a boost to Ghazal writings and singing in Goa, got a good feedback on the first show…

It was the golden day for the field of Konkani literature and music, when the sound of first show of konkani Gajals in Goa, pealed in the hall of Rajiv Kala Mandir at Ponda.

‘It's unfortunate that I couldn’t speak in Konkani. It’s such a sweet language that Ghazals could be formed in an easy way, but the writers will have to take keen interest in learning the methods of Ghazal writing and will have to take proper steps towards it. Next time when I come for any programme in Goa, I will definitely speak in Konkani,’ said Bhimarao Panchale while speaking on the occasion.

Singer Ajay Naik, along with singer Pandurang Shirodkar, Sharmila Allawani and Gayatri Ghatwal sang the Ghazals of noted writers and poets late Bakibab Borkar, Madhav Borkar, Nagesh Karmali, Goa Konkani Academy president Pundalik Naik, Rajay Pawar and Prakash Padgaonkar, who brought the Ghazal-writing culture into Konkani.

The 13 soft tracks of Konkani Ghazals made people to appreciate the concept of Ajay Naik, as it was presented in a big way, for the first time in Goa.

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