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Monday, November 21, 2005

Devanagiri for Konkani favoured

The statement of Konkani Sahitya Parishad president Eric Ozario here that Kannada script should be used by Konkani writers in the State has led to a debate on the issue.

Mr. Ozario said a survey revealed that 69 per cent of Konkani-speaking people in the State preferred Kannada script for the language.

In 33 of 34 Konkani books published in the State last year, Kannada script has been used.

Mahableshwar Sail, a noted Konkani novelist and Kendra Sahitya Academy Award winner, who supports Devanagari script for Konkani, said Konakni-speaking people are spread in Maharastra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala.

The Konkani writers of these States use the scripts of the languages of respective States.

Bigger market

Harmonious relationship can be established only when the languages has a common script. Common script naturally expands the market for Konkani books.

He said the question before Konkani people is to establish their independent identity.

He said Marathi and Hindi too did not have their own script.

When they could adopt Devanagari as their script why not the Konkani-speaking people? he asked.

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