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Sunday, December 24, 2006

KKSA stand on Konkani script is unconstitutional

MANGALORE: The stand taken by the Karnataka Konkani Sahithya Academy is unconstitutional, said Konkani language expert M Madhav Pai.

“In the background of the recommendation of the ‘Konkani textbook task force’ to use Devanagari script along with Kannada script for Konkani textbooks in Karnataka, it is clear that Academy decision was unconstitutional,” he added.

Addressing the special meeting of the Karnataka State Konkani Linguistic Minorities Education Institutions Association in Mangalore, Pai said Devanagari is accepted as the original and natural script of Konkani language by the governments and Konkani people of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Kerala as well as the Government of India and National Sahithya Academy.

Association secretary Dr K Mohan Pai and others were present.

1 comment:

Umesh said...

Dear All,

In Goa & Maharashtra Konkani is not used in devnagiri script, instead marathi is used as konkani script.

For your inf marathi has got equal status in Goa & it is used in govt offices also. But in maharashtra konkani is not used at all.Kannada is the right script for konkani & it should also be used in Govt offices in Goa as majority konkani people learn in kannada medium