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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Farmers advised to grow vegetable crops

Dr L Krishna Nayak, Extension Director, University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Dharwad, has advised farmers to grow more vegetable crops and horticultural crops by using high yielding seeds and modern agricultural equipment in their fields.

He was addressing the State-level seminar on ‘Vegetable crops’ jointly organised by University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, National Horticultural Research & Development Foundation and Krishi Vignana Kendra, Hanumanamatti.

He said, “Our scientists are making efforts to provide high quality and variety of vegetable seeds to the farmers.”

It was essential for farmers to grow vegetable crop as per the guidelines. Farmers should know about the ‘marketing system’ and ‘marketing condition’ of their products because the rates were always fluctuating.

Farmers should always think to get more price to their produce, he said.

Expressing concern over pesticides, Dr L Krishna Nayak has said that the spoiled vegetables were reaching the market that were harmful. Farmers should not try to market such vegetables.

The decayed vegetables would not only affect the human body but would affect the environment.

“Nowadays agriculture is not a profitable business unless we use good or high quality seeds,” he said.

Dr Nayak has opposed the farmer Subhas Palekar system of agricultural farming.

“UAS is ready to accept his tests and experiments if they are true. Even our university is ready to provide him 25 to 100 acres of land for his experiments. He should show his talent in front of our scientists. We will also follow his methods. But he should not guide farmers on wrong path.”

The National Vegetable Conference will be held on January 27 and 28 in UAS, Dharwad and more scientific research documents would be presented in this seminar, he added.

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