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Sunday, December 31, 2006

'Imprisoned heart' released through surgery

Coimbatore: A 50-year old farmer has got a new lease of life after a city hospital successfully operated and removed the diseased covering layer of the heart which was restricting proper breathing.

The farmer had come to K G Hospital with breathing problem while taking rest and was not able to lie down since two days which was suggestive of heart failure, the hospital chairman, Dr G Bakthavathsalam said here today.

He had recurrent fever and breathing difficulty while walking for the past six months, Bakthavathsalam said.

Upon evaluation by a cardiologist, it was found that the covering layer, pericardium had massively thickened, not allowing the heart either to contract or expand during every beat, he said.

This disease called as 'constrictive pericarditis' usually occur due to tuberculosis of heart, Bakthavathsalam said adding the patient was put on the treatment for TB and was referred to the hospital.

Dr T Jayaram Pai, chief cardiac surgeon operated the farmer two days back and removed the diseased pericardium.

The Parietal Pericardium-- outer layer of pericardium covering the heart-- was 1-1/2 inch thick against the normal 0.2 cm and densely calcified.

The calcium formation had to be chiselled out to make the heart function properly.

In addition, the Visceral pericardium --inner layer of pericardium covering the heart-- was also found thickened to one cm against the normal thickness of less than 0.1 cm. This layer was also stripped off, thus completely "liberating" the heart, Bakhthavathsalam said.

Upon completion of the procedure, the central venous pressure, which was 23 mmHg, dropped to the normal eight mmHG, restoring normal heamodynamics, he said.

The patient was given medicines and breathing equipments for a period of 10 days, which would restore the normal functioning of the heart.


Sathish said...

I would like to contact Mr. T Jayaram Pai. His contact details will help me to get in touch with him. He was working in KG Hospital Coimbatore as Chief Cardiologist. At present he is not available and people at KG Hospital refuse to give his contact detail. Though his old mobile no is with us there is no response for the same.

Anonymous said...