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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Abharan Jewellers Launch Coral Celebration

Abharan, one of the leading jewellery stores, is offering a range of Coral collection along with gold combination to the jewellery aficionados in Bangalore. This offer is a celebration in corals and gold, and is presented in a complete range of premium coral embedded gold sets, exquisitely designed bracelets, rings, pendants, ear rings among others. Available in colors from pinkish red to a deep blood red, coral jewellery is sure to catch your eye.

The coral is a mysterious gem with magical powers attributed to it. The Indians believe wearing a Coral will ward off the negative effects from the Mangal Graha. Coral powder and ash is used in making Ayurvedic medicines. The Tibetans also carve Buddha's, Prayer Beads and charms from this gem - the red firestone will help protect them from evil.

“Coral jewellery is very typical to the coastal belt and since Abhraran’s roots are in Udupi S.Canara, We have an exceptionally large variety of jewellery studded with corals. We can proudly say that the best quality red corals are demanded by the people of South Canara primarily because the Mangalasutra (Kasthali) consists of 12 large barrel shaped Corals which is flaunted by all married ladies Also another tradition is S.Canara is to adorn baby’s with a coral and gold gold chain so that the power of the gem is rubbed on to the baby.

Keeping the tradition of Corals if mind, We at Abharan decided to launch a collection of coral jewellery by adding a contemporary touch to it. In our collection one can find Necklaces, Bangles, Chains, and Rings in particular because now there is a huge demand for rings considering the belief of people in astrology increasing.” Says The MD Pratap Kamath.

Abharan strongly believes that by selling jewellery, we are selling fashions and to compliment this the designers at Abharan are working to create a new collection for every season.

A brief info on the Jeweller

A consultant and a gemologist, from the Gemological Institute of America, New York, Mr Pratap Kamath, says, “ The color of coral can add a dash of zest to every outfit for every occasion. Natural red corals, Black Corals, Blue corals and White corals are among the most expensive. Red corals are more easily available than the others.”

Designers from Aabharan have let their imagination run riot and corals have been given a dash of color to their designs.

Sri.Sadanand Kamath founded Abharan in the year 1935 in the temple town of Udupi, Karnataka. Abharan’s first branch outside. Udupi was in Rajajinagar, Bangalore in the year 1983. Another showroom was opened on residency cross road in the year 1985. Abharan has now consolidated to one big showroom opposite ISKON in Rajajinagar.

Tips on Care of coral jewelry

Do not get taken in by cheap coral jewelry, as it would mean cheap imitations. High quality corals are expensive. Corals will get damaged if immersed in water for too long. The water may also dull the polish of the coral making it look lackluster and unattractive.

-- Ensure that coral jewelry is stored separately in pouches so that they do not get scratched.

-- If any of the corals are loose, visit the jeweler and fix them immediately.

-- Restring corals in necklaces professionally.

-- Refrain from using harsh cosmetics or sprays along with coral jewelry as they can damage the gemstones.

-- Clean coral jewelry with a soft damp cloth.

Red coral jewelry

Red corals or Corallium Japonicum have been around for centuries. They are highly treasured gemstones and red coral jewelry is extremely popular. Red coral jewelry is most popular since the hardness and beautiful hue of the red coral holds everyone in its spell.

Rich red corals are found in the Mediterranean coast as well as the Gulf of Naples near Genoa. Oxblood red is one of the most valued in red coral jewelry. Red coral jewelry is said to be associated with the planet Mars and said to cool the fiery natures in people born under its influence.


Aabharan Jewellers.
Mr. Radhakrishna.
Address 192, Mahalaxmi Layout,
West Of Chord Road,
opp, ISKCON,
Bangalore- 560086
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