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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Viral fever spreads its wings

KOCHI: Amidst heavy rains, Ernakulam is feeling the heat of viral fever as this monsoon disease has reportedly affected some 600-odd persons. Both government and private hospitals are witnessing a steady inflow of patients with viral fever.

With severe fever comes headache and body pain, and it affects both children and adults. Even though this fever is self-limited and harmless, it can lead to a variety of complications in some people.

Since this viral fever is contagious it can also result in the whole household coming down with fever within days.

�This time the fever is really severe. In some cases, the temperature has even gone up to 104 degree. Usually the fever passes in two or three days time, but now more persons are being afflicted by secondary infections like chest congestion and throat problems,� says pediatrician Dr S Sachidananda Kamath.

Doctors advise rest to tide over the fever attack as fatigue is one of the main problems faced by the patients. And parents should ensure that fever-hit children take sufficient food and water to keep them hydrated and nourished.

�Since Ernakulam is prone to complicated fever-related diseases, we are not taking any risks. We prescribe antibiotics if there is any indication of other symptoms,� says Dr K N Omana, superintendent of general hospital.

Health authorities are taking all measures to control the spreading of the disease. Unlike the past couple of years, not many cases of leptospirosis and dengue fever have been reported from the district so far.

But many fear that more diseases will sprout once the rains abate and water stagnate, especially with garbage lying around.

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