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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Book by Kishan Shenoi

Digital Signal Processing In Telecommunications

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Book Description

As digital signal processing parts become more easily available (and cheaper), more and more engineers are being forced to use them when doing design work. Although several excellent books cover the theory and rigorous mathematics of DSP, few—if any—have focused on the practical aspects of doing design work in DSP. This volume provides not only a solid introduction to communications theory and digital signal processing, but also provides practical information on DSP as it applies to telecommunications. KEY TOPICS: Discusses communications theory, mathematics, and notation; introduces the concepts, tools, and shortcomings of DSP; provides solved mathematical examples and computer program listings for implementing the algorithms; and devotes an entire section to applications of DSP in telecommunications—echo cancellation, transmultiplexers, voice-compression, and waveform generation. MARKET: For design engineers in the field of communications, engineers in the fields of defense and bio-electronics, and engineering managers.

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