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Monday, July 23, 2007

Teaching of Konkani begins in schools

MANGALORE: Students of Nalanda English Medium School on V.T. Road here chorused “Vath yetha paus yetha, kunkdak mankdak vardhik jatha” on a cue from Indira Jodumath, treasurer of Karnataka State Konkani Linguistic Minority Educational Institutions’ Association.

This marked the beginning of teaching Konkani in Devanagari script as the optional third language in schools under the association.

This marked the beginning of teaching Konkani in Devanagari script. Mellifluous rendering of this lesson from “Karnatak Konkani Bharati”, the textbook approved by the Government for students of sixth standard opting to study Konkani as an optional language, marked the realisation of a longstanding dream of Konkani-speaking community in the State.

An initiative taken by Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy to teach Konkani in Kannada script, incidentally, had taken off a few weeks ago.

N. Yogish Bhat, MLA, who released the textbook, said that the manner in which a language was taught was more important.

Stating that efforts of many people over the years to teach Konkani as an optional language in schools had finally materialized, Mr. Bhat thanked the Government for giving the go ahead to teach Konkani in Devanagari and Kannada scripts as sought by sections of the community.

Efforts made by the Karnataka Tulu Sahitya Academy to introduce Tulu as an optional language in schools was also on the verge of being realized, the Karnataka Text Book Society had printed the textbooks., he said.

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