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Friday, July 13, 2007

Biography released

Kannada cine actor Shivrajkumar’s biography “Muthurajana Muthu” might have come a bit too soon. But the book, released here on Tuesday by Chief Minister H.D. Kumaraswamy, had a wealth of touching memories about Kumar’s late matinee idol father Rajkumar and Shivrajkumar’s own philosophical musings.

As litterateur Baragur Ramachandrappa analysed the book for a motley group of film artistes, critics, mediapersons and the general public here, Shivrajkumar emerged beyond his stereotypical image of a cinematic hero. His notes about his father’s meteoric rise to stardom despite an education that did not go beyond third standard gave the biography more depth.

Shivrajkumar’s observation that knowledge of letters did not lead to wisdom and vice-versa was culled out of the book by Mr. Ramachandrappa to laud the actor’s insi-ghtful reading of mankind.

The actor had taken his father’s life to illustrate his point.

Although the book was Shivrajkumar’s own, the words were by Sadashiva Shenoy. Mr. Ramachandrappa explained how Mr. Shenoy was just apt to record Kumar’s life without resorting to sensationalism or glorification. Biographies, he explained, need not put everything on record.

In his book, Shivrajkumar was frank enough to admit that he had left out many things. But whatever was included was completely true, noted Mr. Ramachandrappa.

The Chief Minister dubbed Shivrajkumar as the right inheritor of Dr. Rajkumar’s legacy, before acknowledging the socially relevant films of the late matinee idol as the inspiration behind his people-friendly initiatives such as the Janata Darshan.

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