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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

‘Kunabis’ living in penury

While the demand for merger of Konkani speaking villages of Karwar taluk with Goa has stirred a hornet’s nest, the history clearly shows that some of the border villages had been totally neglected for decades by the rulers.

The demand as put forth by two Konkani outfits prompts one to debate what could be the basis for the such a demand. It is an undisputed opinion that border taluks have remained neglected.

In case of Joida taluk, the apathy is well reflected in the poor living conditions of the people. Joida has become infamous for the backwardness in the entire State.

The Kunabi community forms one third of the population in Joida taluk. This tribal community leads an isolated life detatched from others. It is said that the Kunabis are originally from Goa. Agriculture is the main occupation of Kunabis.

Many a times, their harvest is destroyed by wild animals. As such, majority of Kunabi families have been migrating to Goa or neighbouring villages as agriculture labourers. The fact that only 3 per cent of their population had studied upto SSLC, clearly reflects the development status of the Kunabis.

Statistics reveal that only 12 per cent of the Kunabis have studied upto fourth standard, nearly 6 per cent upto seventh standard and only 3 per cent upto SSLC. Number of graduates in the community is a handful. Today they need schools, motorable roads, electricity and health care.

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