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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Government to foil Goa bid to merge taluks

Home Minister M P Prakash on Friday said that the government would take all necessary legal steps to foil the attempts of Goa Konkani State Unification Munch (GKSUM) and United Gomantak Munch (UGM) to merge some of the state�s taluks into Goa.

Replying to a calling attention motion moved by BJP member Mukhyamantri Chandru in the legislative council, Prakash said the demand for inclusion of some of the taluks of the state into Goa was a mischievous effort and some people were doing it to satisfy their political ambitions.

He said that the GKSUM had filed an interlocutory petition before the Supreme Court requesting it to make a party to the original suit filed by the Maharashtra demanding inclusion of Belgaum and other places into its territory.

The state government had already filed an objection before the Supreme Court contesting the GKSUM�s locus standi to file an interlocutory application,� he added.

Earlier, making preliminary submission while moving calling attention Chandru cautioned the government to be vigilant on the activities of these organisations as they were preparing grounds to prove their point in the court.

The members were organising secret meetings in Karwar and surrounding places to elicit opinion of the people in their favour, he added.

Opposition leader H K Patil said that the GKUSM and UGM had no support in Karwar, Joida and Haliyal and they had intensified their efforts keeping an eye on ensuing urbal local body elections.

Moreover, the demand by these organisations was not correlated with the feelings of the people of these taluks.

�Therefore one should not take these efforts seriously,� he added.

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