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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

GSP against Churchill’s demand for Romi Konkani status

The Goa Su-Raj Party is categorically against the presentation of the ‘Language Bill’ by the Navelim MLA Churchill Alemao asking for the conferring of the Official Status for Konkani in the ‘Roman’ Script.

This party believes that Konkani language written in any script is still the Konkani language, the sole official language of the State. This move by the Navelim MLA is bad in taste as it has necessitated the Marathi lobby to counter it by presenting the Bill asking for official status for Marathi in Goa, stated a press release.
The Goa Su-Raj Party will never accept Marathi as the official language of Goa and stands by Konkani as the official language of Goa whether in Devnagiri, Roman or any other script.
It is unfortunate that the script issue was not foreseen when Konkani was accorded the official status in 1987.
This Party believes that the Roman script issue for Konkani must be buried once and for all as it only serves the purpose of keeping Goans divided and fighting against one another.
This Party believes that for any script to flourish, there is the need for its votaries and patrons, foremost, being the will of the ‘Government’ to look upon the State language ‘Konkani’ favourably and not use the official status of the Devnagiri script to discriminate against and stunt the promotion of Konkani in the Roman script. It must be well understood that Goans have come a long way in using the ‘Roman’ as well as the ‘Devnagiri’ Scripts for Konkani and must desist any further confrontations among themselves in this regard if they want Goa’s Official language not to be diluted and lost forever for petty, selfish gains. If that happens, Goans themselves will have to take that blame and be accountable to posterity.
The Goa Su-Raj Party urges the Navelim MLA Churchill Alemao and PWD Minister Sudin Dhavlikar to to hold back or withdraw the respective ‘Bills’ from being presented to the Legislative Assembly, since there is still time for this to be done and save Goa and Goans from the ultimate heartache.
The Goa Su-Raj Party desires that such a thing happens and is fully confidant that it will happen in the larger interest of Goa and Goans.

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