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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Microbiologists asked to serve society

BELLARY: The 10th annual conference of Indian Association of Medial Microbiologists was inaugurated in the city on Saturday at the Department of Microbiology in Vijayanagara Institute of Medical Sciences(VIMS).

Dr T Prabhu, retired professor of Bangalore Medical College, inaugurated the conference and delivered speech on the importance of Microbiology.

Every year the world had been witnessing hundreds of research works on Virology, Microbiology and Bio-technology. Doctors and experts should work for the betterment of society, he suggested. Dr Prabhu requested the Microbiologists to serve on AIDS, HIV, Japanese Encephalitis and other dreaded diseases.

Dr Sreenivas briefed the history of Microbiology and released a book on the conference. Including VIMS former Director Dr Lalit Mahale, many dignitaries were felicitated on the occasion.

VIMS Director Dr Khaja Nasiruddin, Dr G Pompanagowda, Dr B K B S Murthy, Dr T Ramanath, Dr Ravikumar an d others were present. Doctors, experts, lawyers, administrators of medical institutes, hundreds of delegates and dignitaries had participated in the conference.

The faculty members and students of VIMS will present scientific papers at the conference. On the occasion symposiums would be organised.

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