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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

City gets polluted water: Sewage flows into Devaraya canal

Mysore Grahakara Parishat (MGP) and Dr. Ajay Drinking Water Foundation have alleged that huge quantity of sewage water is being let into Devaraya Canal, next to Kariyamma Temple (near Belagola) severely contaminating the water.

Speaking at a press conference here yesterday, Foundation Convenor Dr. A. Ramalingam and Dr. Bhamy V. Shenoy of MGP alleged that though letters were written four months ago to the City Corporation and Karnataka Pollution Control Board, the officers have not taken any action.

They said that water from Devaraya Canal is pumped from Belagola to Vani Vilas Water Works where it is processed and supplied as drinking water to Mysore City.

It is not possible to process and purify water for drinking purpose, if quantity of pollution is high in water. The people who consume water have to face many health hazards. The unprocessed water is used by many factories, villagers and residents.

Dr. Shenoy and Dr. Ramalingam attributed the recent deaths of two women, Bharathi and Shantamma in Ekalavya Nagar, to the contaminated water.

They said that the tests conducted by MGP and the Foundation have shown that the water has an extremely high bacterial content and that even processed tap water drawn from Yadavagiri tank is contamined. It is quite likely that filteration and chlorination of water are not rendering it safe for drinking.

They said that it is shocking that even four months after MGP drew the attention of authorities nothing had been done so far.

They complained that many people are using unprocessed water due to which they are suffering from throat pain, jaundice, dysentery and other diseases. Only some factories such as Wipro, J.K. Tyres and institutions like GSS Samsthe provide potable water to their people. But even they are exposed to contamination when they eat at neighbouring roadside eateries. They opined that all the factories should provide pure drinking water to their workers.

Suitable sign boards have been put up by MGP and Found-ation asking residents not to drink water from these taps.

Ignorant officers of V.V. Water Works

Dr. Bhamy Shenoy said that when he met the authorities of VVWW, they said that water is supplied not from Devaraya Canal but from Varuna Canal. If it was true, how had the authorities stated that for three months water supply would be hit during last year, Shenoy questioned.

He said, even if it is assumed that water is supplied from Varuna Canal, it is not being treated as per the tests conducted by MGP. This clearly shows the ignorance of the authorities or their callous attitude in answering civic problems.

He said it is the duty of the authorities to issue notices to factories not to use this unprocessed and polluted water.

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