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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Make optimum use of memory power: Dr Ashok Pai

DAVANAGERE: Students should make optimum utilisation of their memory power to get success in exams, said noted psychiatrist Dr Ashok Pai here on Saturday.

Speaking at the anniversary of Athani Composite Junior College and BS Chennabasappa First Grade College, he said learning process in brain take part at three levels, registration, transfer and reuse process.

The stress, tension, anxiety, depression, confusion and fear which act like obstacles for the smooth flow of memory power.

Dr Pai gave some useful tips to students to get rid of exam fear and how to make maximum use of memory power:

Keep out of anxiety, depression, confusion, tension and stress during exam period.

Do not go to temples when exams approach, not ask what were reasons for the loss of memory. No student will suffer any loss of memory.

The people loss memory power only when they sustain hard injury to their brain and those who are aged over 70 suffer memory loss. Except these cases all others enjoy absolute memory power, learn how to make use of memory power to maximum.

Daily take part in sports activities a minimum of one hour. Sleep for seven hours. Do not think of others, give up all unnecessary things. Get a collection of resources to face and write exams. Improve your self confidence, so that success will come to you.

Do not read till you get disgusted, take part in activity which keep your mood in happiness. A student can get first class by studying for a minimum of five hours in a systematic way for four months had been proved among students, Pai stated.

College lecturers should spare more time for teaching practical to students advised Athani Veeranna, College Chairman.

Principals of Junior and First Grade Colleges Gurumurthy and Rajshekar, chairmen Umapathi and Shivkumar were present.

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