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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Key Hole Surgery (Laparoscopic) for Hernia

UDUPI: The surgical team at Dr T M A Pai Hospital has successfully performed a Key Hole Surgery (Laparoscopic) for Hernia, recently.

The team comprised of Dr Srinivas Pai, Dr Achleshwar Dayal and Dr Vinayak Shenoy were performed ‘Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery’, a most modern surgery for hernia for the first time in this region.

A press release from the hospital said, surgery is the only permanent solution for hernia and this new surgery is far more beneficial than the existing surgery.

The benefits of the surgery are minimal pain, shorter hospital stay and return to normal state as faster as compared to any other procedure. It can be performed through Keyholes and both the sides at the same time, release added.

1 comment:

Brian said...

A Key Hole Surgery for Hernia is the best way to remove hernia. It is a one day surgery, the person can go home the very same day.