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Friday, April 21, 2006

Double for Aditya Bhat

KOCHI: Aditya Bhat, the promising 13-year-old from Elamakkara Bhavan's Vidya Mandir, won a double in the Ernakulam District tennis championship, which concluded at the Regional Sports Centre courts here on Wednesday.

Aditya won the under-16 and under-14 boys titles.

Also taking a double was State men's champion Rynold Timothy who won the men's and under-18 boys trophies.

The results: Men (final): Rynold Timothy bt G. Ramamurthy 6-4, 6-3. (Semifinals): Rynold bt Prasad 6-0, conceded; Ramamurthy bt Govind 3-6, 7-5, 6-1.

Under-18 (final; best of 15 games): Rynold Timothy bt Atul Roy 8-5. (Semifinals): Rynold bt Joel Jacob 8-2; Atul bt Eldo George 8-5.

Under-16 (final): Aditya Bhat bt Eldo George 8-6. (Semifinals): Aditya Bhat bt Joel Jacob 8-4; Eldo bt Sachin Antony 8-1.

Under-14 (final): Aditya Bhat bt Jacob Jeeson 8-2. (Semifinals): Aditya Bhat bt Vikram 8-3; Jacob bt Sachin Antony 8-2.

Under-12 (final; best of 17 games): Vikram Ramesh bt Chacko Joseph 9-0. (Semifinals): Vikram bt Roshan Issac 8-0; Chacko bt Kevin Joseph 8-5.

Girls: Under-16 (final; best of 11 games): Isha Ananya bt Preethika 6-2. (Semifinals): Isha bt Annie 6-2; Preethika bt Nitya Kumar 6-5.

Under-14 (final): Nithya Kumar bt Sana Sadiq 6-3. (Semifinals): Nithya bt Visali 6-3; Sana bt Tanmayi 6-3.

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