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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

President's Probe into Janardhan Prabhu's Absence at Independence Dinner

The sad story of veteran freedom fighter Janardhana Prabhu (82, might not have gone from the minds of a few readers. The way he was treated was a classic example of the lethargy and loopholes prevailing in the administration. These very columns had carried the news, first about his being handppicked to dine with president Abdul Kalam, and then another heart-breaking news that he could not reach Delhi due to the negligence by the administration. But as known, public memory is proverbially short-lived. So most of the people have forgotten this episode, and some have even forgotten who Janardhana Prabhu is.

But this entire episode has taken a new twist now. The latest news from the President's Secretariat said that it has taken up the enquiry about the entire fiasco which landed only an escort and hospitality-related IAS officer from Bangalore in Delhi with Prabhu being left in the cold at Moodbidri itself.

Prabhu had sent an appeal to the President about the episode which was received by the Public 1 division of president's office on Tuesday August 16. President Abdul Kalam's under secretary Ashish Khalia had written a reply about initiating an enquiry into the matter. Janardhana Prabhu has received this letter dated August 26 recently.

The letter informed that the secretary of the Railway Secretariat has already been directed to hold an enquiry into the said matter.

This letter has brought smile on the face of the veteran freedom fighter. Though he could not meet the president in August, he still has the burning desire to meet and talk to the president of India. He is waiting for the next opportunity, which is highly deserved on all counts.

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