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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Trusting Dravid, Charu was a mistake: Mallya

LIQUOR BARON Vijay Mallya has a penchant for making news. Victory or defeat, the owner of the Bangalore Royal Challengers manages to stay in the thick of limelight and controversy.

Mallya rocked the Indian Premier League (IPL) yet again on Monday (May 12), when he almost attributed the loss of his team to skipper Rahul Dravid and former chief executive Charu Sharma.
He claimed that it was a mistake to trust the duo for team selection, while he kept himself away from picking the squad.
The cheerful owner of the the Bangalore team told media persons that his non-involvement in the selection of the team had proved counterproductive.
“My biggest mistake was to abstain from the selection of the team. Though I watch a lot cricket whenever possible, I am no cricket expert at the end of the day,” Mallya said.
The flamboyant businessman said that he had his own list of players, whom he wanted to include in the team but refrained from doing so as Dravid and Sharma had prepared their own list.
He said that he backed the former Indian skipper as he was an iconic player, despite the fact that the team looked like a test team.
Referring to the second auction, where Dravid was absent, the tycoon said that he had his own set of players but Sharma did not support his list. “It was I who brought Misbah-ul-Haq in the team,” he revealed adding that he wanted his team to do its best under the circumstances.

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