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Monday, May 19, 2008

Child prodigy predicts BJP majority, Yeddy as CM

Shimoga- A wonder kid aged about nine years, living in Shimoga, has predicted that BJP would come to power in the State with absolute majority winning 126 to 132 seats and Yeddyurappa becoming the Chief Minister.

In a special programme Vismaya telecast by E-Tv today the boy said that nobody can prevent it.

The kid Shyamshankar, son of Nagesh Bhat and Geetha, was exceptional with an uncanny power to make predictions and to perform Homa and Havana as per scriptures right from his birth. Ringing of the puja bell would lull him to sleep when he threw a tantrum. If taken to a temple, the ambience there would silence him immediately, narrated Nagesh Bhat.

As he grew up Shyam showed exemplary interest and knowledge in performing pujas at home. His rendition of Sanskrit verses were flawless which had mesmerized even adult purohits who were unable to pronounce those difficult words properly. Shyam even began predicting future. He became a cynosure of all the eyes of the town and people started inviting the boy to their houses to performs pujas and homas. His predictions were so precise and accurate he did not spare even the family members, said Nagesh.

Barring his unusual spiritual excellence, Shyam is a nice lovable boy attending school and plays with his friends in a normal way. However, Shyam vows to work for the betterment of the society using his extraordinary skills and he is a God-sent gift for us, say the parents.

He had earlier predicted the fate of Yeddyurappa saying he could be the CM only for a week and he had written it down without telling anybody.

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Anonymous said...

hi Could u please provide me the address of the boy Shyamshankar, son of Nagesh Bhat and Geethathat u mentioned in this blog.thks.hope u do so.