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Monday, May 19, 2008

Potomac Valley Hospital purchases new equipment

KEYSER, W.Va., U.S.A - Potomac Valley Hospital, 167 S. Mineral St., recently acquired a new and improved endoscopy system.

The Evis Exera II has been in use for more than two months and the staff and Dr. Suratkal Shenoy are pleased with the product.

High-definition television and narrow band imaging have provided new levels of imaging quality. The combination of HDTV and NBI allow Shenoy to see the most minute details and variations of the lining of the patient's stomach and intestine. This will allow subtle changes to be discovered earlier than with previous systems.

The scopes themselves are designed with the patient in mind. They are equipped with a tensioning device that allows them to pass through the loops of the intestines easier, providing the patient with a greater reduction in discomfort during the procedure.

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