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Monday, May 19, 2008

Scion of Pabba's Ideal family: Mukund Kamath

By U. Mahesh Prabhu, Mangalore

Mangalore May 15, 2008: In this hot summer season in Mangalore there is but one place where people of all ages love to spend their time for escaping the heat with an ice cream in an air-conditioned environment - Pabbas. The very name of 'Pabbas' is capable of instigating your taste buds and make you to, miserably, shed water from your tongue - my tongue has begun to drip, in actual, already! Such is the legacy of this ice cream joint started by Prabhakar Kamath (Pabba) a few years ago, whose success was, yet again, replicated with IDEAL' brand of Ice creams. If there has to be named a legend in Mangalore worthy of an admiration for having that sheer perseverance, that has to be him - Pabmaam as he is affectionately known.

He, I am told, had lost in several businesses he had begun earlier. But still he wasn't that kind of a man who would give up. The commendable success what he has made in the region is so much that 'Ideal', their brand of Ice Creams, has been almost gone synonymous with the members of their family.

'Ideals ve? To re amgele pabmamma le!' is how Amchis take the brand recall, puffed with pride. Mukund, only son of Pabmaam, is the one, who is currently heading the, now a very successful, venture.

I had met Mukund, at a Conclave of a local news magazine, almost an year back, where he, along with other young entrepreneurs of the region, had been invited to present their papers on their experience in Mangalore as entrepreneurs. More than his style of speaking, I suppose, audience was keen to know as to what he had to say about his family's enduring journey, from nowhere to the world of fame.

I haven't had much of interactions with Mukund except for, thanks to, GTALK. But he's a very sensible man - I can say with hell bent confidence. He has a very special place for his family and friends, and his wonderful baby' daughter - Manya. Mukund is also a man with smiles and full of life. He's a businessman by profession, but hardly has something in him akin to a businessman, yet he is successful, perhaps that's owing to his heart full of compassion. He is smart, handsome and also shy at the same time. He is a genius in his own sense, and is thus incomparable to any.

Now at 32 Mukund is more than accomplished person. His ambitions and futurist endeavors are clearly visible. Since the very day Ideal made its way into the market not a single national player has been able to penetrate in the market. And even if penetrated, I am pompous to say, had little success. Such is the legacy of Ideals & Pabbas.

Their twin brand, in which every Mangalorean today pride upon, has a potential, I can say this with my over a decade long experience as Management man, to grow to the national level. I am sure Mukund knows this too and is keenly working in this direction.

How will Mukund steer his brands to the top is what is to be waited and watched at. But Until then we wish a very best of luck to Mukund, the Pabbas 'Ideal' family and their large employee fraternity, in their futuristic endeavours.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr Prabhu for posting this article on Mukund.Having konwn Mukund since childhood,I definately agree with you that he is an extremely matured, hardworking and family loving person.He has made his parents proud by taking their already established business to new heights.Mukund is indeed and Ideal role model for today's youth.
As a sister of his, I pray to the Almighty to give him more and more sucesses in all his future Ventures.

Mukund, we are all proud of you.

Yours Truly,
Suphala Shenoy