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Saturday, October 22, 2005

The moods of Lord Shiva on canvas

New Delhi: The images are striking -- of a serene and peaceful Lord Shiva, distinct from the usual perception of a powerful, fiery deity, the Destroyer in the Holy Trinity of Hinduism.

Vandana Kini, whose solo exhibition of oil paintings here has attempted to bring out the different moods and facets of the Lord, feels art has not really explained his versatality.

''I want to bring out the omnipresence and various roles of Shiva in front of the world,'' she said.

An IAS Officer Ms Kini is one of those working women who have balanced there profession and creative passion with equal elan.

This was the first time this self-taught artist had brought her skills with the painting brush in the open through this exhibition.

An ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, Ms Kini said she had chosen to focus mostly on his peaceful side this time and plans to depict his other moods in her future paintings.

She said she plans to continue with this theme for some time. The current series is the result of a three-year long endeavour.

Besides painting, Ms Kini also has to her credit published literary works including ''Ek Madhubani Ki Kalakar'', a book of poem and ghazals; ''Saat suron ki nari'', a collection of plays; and ''Silvatein'', a collection of humorous musical satires.

Some of her lyrics, composed in songs have also been released in an album ''Ishq''.

The exhibition, titled ''Shiv-Tantra Manifestation'', will continue till October 24.

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