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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Marathi chapters in Konkani textbook

It appears that the directorate of education is making a mockery of the education system by distributing textbooks with horrendous errors.

While on one hand the government is promoting Konkani, which is the official language of Goa, on the other hand Marathi chapters are incorporated in the Konkani textbook of standard VII.

Several schools have complained of receiving V standard textbooks with several index pages, while the first two chapters are missing and the third is incomplete. Furthermore, from page 66, eighteen pages of Marathi text are repeated.

The parents are dismayed over the irresponsible behavior of the education department and have demanding action against the responsible persons.

Meanwhile, institutional heads, parents and teachers have expressed concern over the delay in getting the textbooks, especially of standard V and VIII.

Heads of institutions also informed that they have not received the required textbooks even though the requirement was made known way back in March.

The entire set of textbooks have not been given for VI and VIII standards while some school have only received the Mathematics and Hindi textbooks that too in parts.

One institutional head said that the syllabus has been changed but no refresher courses for the teachers have been conducted.

He said further that teachers are unable teach as they are not sure what to expect in the new books. Presently teachers are only revising grammar.

Some teachers said the non-availability of textbooks is causing great inconvenience, as they have to finish the portion for the first mid-term exam, which is scheduled for August 6.

One teacher said that though it appears that the schools have just begun, we barely have one month to complete the portion and added the students require the textbooks especially in languages.

The teacher expressed concern about the students of standard V who have changed over from Konkani medium to English medium.

“The longer it takes to get the books the more difficult it will be for them to cope with the portion,” she noted.

On the other hand, the parents too have expressed their concern over the delay in getting the textbooks.

Ms H D’souza, a parent expressing concern said that though providing textbooks is a novel idea, they should be provided before the school starts and asked how the students are suppose to study without the textbooks.

“You cannot blame the teachers for starting the portion. How long are they supposed to wait for the textbooks? If they do not teach then what else will they do in class? At the end of it all it is the student who has to suffer.”

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