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Monday, April 28, 2008

Of dreams, butterflies and flowers

RUPASHRI Ashok is on cloud nine. Her first collection of poems, �Small Wonders�, was released, during the annual day function in her school the other day. �It is the beginning of a journey,� she says ecstatically.

Rupashri is a 11-year-old moving into Class Seven at the Navy Children�s School. This exuberant, free-spirited child began writing bits and pieces of poetry from a very young age.

Her literary talent stems from the fact that her family has had many gifted writers who have contributed substantially to Konkani literature.

The ardent support from her family has enabled her to put together 35 poems for this first publication.

This compilation is a testimony of two years of passionate writing and also a dedication to her late grandfather who was a famous Konkani poet.

Her works presents the author as a true lover of nature.

Her poems reflect different moods of life as well as perceptions on global norms. She is inspired even by the simple things around her.

An observer of expressions as well, her work encaptures these intricate trifles and leaves you in awe of her literary genius.

Rupashri has also had an earlier release of a computer-printed book named �Butterflies and Flowers� at the age of six.

It consisted of 20 tales and four poems, handpicked and put together by her dad from the many tales she has been telling since the tender age of three.

Rupashri has also been blogging since March,2007. Here, she pens down articles, poems, short stories, travelogue and fiction.

Her enthusiasm for writing equally matches her voracious reading habit. She also likes to indulge in collecting stamps, coins, art, craft and computer games.

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