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Friday, April 18, 2008

New head of Miami Children's Hospital plans expansions while battling added $2 million monthly bond interest cost

Staff members don't ask for your name and billing information more than once at a hotel — why should they at a hospital? asks Narendra Kini, new president and CEO of the Miami Children's Hospital. Dr. Kini plans to focus on running Children's like a business, with a focus on customer — or patient — service and with the needs of his young clientele and their families in mind.
He'll need business savvy to navigate some hospital challenges: government funding cuts, a crumbling bond market and scarce workforce housing. But Dr. Kini is lobbying legislators, meeting with potential donors and planning program strategies he thinks will keep the hospital on top.
A pediatric emergency physician by training, Dr. Kini joined Miami Children's in January after serving as executive vice president for clinical and physician services at Trinity Health, the fourth largest Catholic health system in the U.S. He was interviewed in his Miami Children's office by Miami Today staff writer Risa Polansky.

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