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Friday, March 07, 2008

Sadanand Bhat elected as Honnavar TP president

Honnavar: The BJP is successful in getting power in Honnavar Town Panchayat after a gap about eight years as its candidate Sadanand Bhat has been elected TP president.

The election for the posts of president and vice president were held recently. Mr. Bhat got 11 votes and defeated Congress nominee Azad Annigeri with a margin of four votes. The vice president Vinod Naik defeated Congress nominee Tulasidas Pulkar with the same margin. The four independents played a key role as both Congress and BJP were short of majority to form TP body on their own.

All independents backed the BJP. Congress with maximum of seven votes could not garner the support of the independents. Three independents, who earlier believed to have been close to Congress, said to have changed their mind as they were not happy with the Congress presidential candidate.

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