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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Frequent eye check-up ‘must’ for diabetics

Dr Mohanan presents a memento to Dr Pai

THE necessity of diabetics having frequent eye check-ups was highlighted at a session jointly hosted by the Indian Medical Association (Qatar chapter) and Indian Doctors Club recently at Ramada Hotel.
At a presentation, Dr Anant Pai, a retina specialist at Hamad Hospital, said diabetics should take utmost care in protecting their eyes as diabetes and hypertension had been found to be most common ailment for eye diseases these days.
Calling upon patients to have regular check-ups, Dr Pai said vision related complications could be prevented to a certain limit through frequent eye check-ups. "Such patients should have at least one check-up a year and frequent check-ups would ensure that their eyes had not been affected by any major problems," said Dr Pai.
He said laser and surgical treatments at Hamad Hospital were of the highest order. "Hamad Hospital has a fully equipped eye care centre, dealing in anterior and posterior segment diseases of the eyeball," he stressed.
Dr Joel Jacob Mathew, general secretary, the IMA, welcomed the gathering and Dr Krishna Kumar proposed a vote of thanks.
Ranbaxy was the official sponsor.
At another seminar, held at Millennium Hotel, Dr Thomas Cherukara, a consultant gastro-enterologist from Sharjah, said more than 60% of the population suffered from gastro-eosophageal reflux diseases (GERD) and at times it overlapped with functional or psychosomatic disorders.
Dr Cherukara said functional heart burn is an episodic and retrosternal burning sensation in chest in the absence of any pathological disease.
He observed that a number of patients with GERD, approached physicians these days with cough, throat pain, hoarse voice and asthma. Treatment modalities for this, said Dr Cherukara, included lifestyle modification, dietary and postural changes, weight reduction and cessation of smoking and alcohol.
Dr Jacob welcomed the audience and Dr K P Najeeb delivered a vote of thanks.
Dr Reddy's Lab sponsored the event, with the launch of their products in the country.