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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Uniting Konkani communities gigantic task, opine experts

It is a gigantic task to bring together all the Konkani speaking people under one umbrella, using Konkani as the common denominator when problems like caste discrimination still exist in the community, opine language experts.
The experts were participating at the 26th All-India Konkani Parishad organised by Kerala Konkani Academy at Ernakulam on Sunday. The subject of the Parishad was “Konkani Samaaj, Ek Samaaj – Garaj aani Ghadann” (Konkani Community, One Community – Need and Formation).
The session was chaired by Dr Tanaji Halarnkar. Edwin J F D’Souza from Mangalore, N Shivdas from Goa and Arun Abhayankar from North Kanara presented papers.
While Edwin D’Souza opined that ‘to bring together all the Konkani people under one umbrella, using Konkani as the common denominator is a gigantic task,’ Shivdas said, ‘It is a Herculean task when problems like caste discrimination still exists in the Konkani community.’
Arun Abhayankar suggested that there is a need to reach out to all the cross sections of the society and bring them to the main stream.
The Parishad also focused on ‘Tarnaatyaam Madhem Konkanicho Prasaar’ (Spread of Konkani amongst the Youth). The session was chaired by Fr Eric Crasta, president, Karnataka Konkani Bhasha Mandal.
He said, “a new culture has been evolved due to the tremendous growth in the field of IT and communication and we need to understand this situation to unify the youth in order to inculcate in them the love for Konkani.”
The participants also discussed on developing Konkani in the context of globalization.
Presenting his paper Melvyn Rodrigues for the session, director operations Daijiworld Media Pvt Ltd said: “We need to see Konkani’s growth not from the linguistic point of view but through economic, political and educational points of view. Without the cultural, political and social strength, any language will not survive in the long run.”
Sandesh Prabhudesai, editor of Sunaparant supported the views expressed by Melvyn. He said, ‘Konkani might survive, but as a mere identity symbol and not as a language.’
Dr Balagopal T S Prabhu opined, “We should not fear that our language is going to die. But we need to think positively.”

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