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Sunday, February 24, 2008

H V Pai expires

Rt. DGM of syndicate bank, senior member of Haradi Pai family H V Pai (86yrs) expired due to illhealth on Friday morning at his daughters residence in Chennai.

A friendly person during his service and an active personality in the society this is how people remember him.

In 1949 he served as the first secretary of the Maharashtra Apex bank with which he began his retired life. In 1953, during the merger of the Maharashtra Apex bank with the syndicate bank he joined the syndicate bank. Later he served in Canara mutual assurance company, where he served for three years as a development officer. In 1956 he returned to syndicate bank as the divisional manager.

Serving in several sectors he became the DGM in 1978 and got retired in 1980.

He served as a managing trustee of Shri Lakshmi Venkataramana temple. He is survived by wife and two daughters.

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