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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy Awards 2006 Presented

Honour: Konkani artiste Anuradha Dhareshwar presenting the ‘Pustak Puraskar’ to Shirtadi William Pinto in Hubli.

Konkani artiste Anuradha Dhareshwar has said that it is difficult to protect a language unless people take interest.

She was speaking after presenting the State-level “Konkani Pustak Puraskar” for the year 2006 to writers at a function organised jointly by the Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Academy and GSB Samaj in Hubli on Sunday.

She said that Government’s support alone would not help in preserving a language. Any language would grow only if people took the initiative, she said.

Ms. Dhareshwar lauded the initiatives taken by the academy in promoting art and culture, and also some of the initiatives taken by other organisations in bringing together Konkani-speaking people on a single platform.

Earlier, she presented the “Pustak Puraskar” to Shirtadi William Pinto and a special award to Aruna Shanbhag. The “Pustak Puraskar” awards for Stain Augueira and Valli Quadras and special awards to Judit Pinto and Olivera Flavia were received on their behalf by their family friends.

Speaking on the occasion, retired official of the All India Radio, Dharwad, Nagesh Shanbhag said that the role of Catholic Christians in the growth of Konkani language was significant.

After years of struggle, Konkani had gained a good position and it was the responsibility of every Konkani-speaking person to make efforts to retain it, he said.

Mr. Shanbhag also requested the academy to publish a Konkani-Konkani dictionary as the usage of the language differed from place to place.

Earlier, making introductory remarks, president of the academy Eric Ozario informed that the State Government had agreed to include Konkani as the third language in the high school curriculum.

Criticising the alleged attempts to include the areas dominated by Konkani-speaking people in the coastal regions of Karnataka to Goa, he said that he opposed any attempt to divide the Konkani-speaking people for the sake of gaining political mileage.

Mr. Ozario listed out various programmes that the academy has planned.

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