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Monday, October 15, 2007

Another attempt to discover life on Mars

“Is there life on Mars? The answer to this question still eludes the scientific fraternity. Space scientists now plan to look for presence of water on the planet with the help of Mossbauer Effect.”

G K Shenoy of Argonne National Laboratory, USA, said this at the International Conference on the Applications of Mossbauer Effect (ICAME-2007) held at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT-K) today.

In Mossbauer Effect, a material that is to be analysed is passed through gamma rays. The material either absorbs or emits the gamma rays, thus showing its property.

Shenoy said with the help of Mossbauer Effect, researchers can analyse the properties of minerals present on Mars.

“The spacecraft, which would be sent to Mars, would examine the rocks on the planet,” he added.

Chairman of ICAME-2007, N S Gajbhiye said that the conference focused on several applications of Mossbauer Effect, including biological and medical applications, chemical applications, earth sciences and archaeology.

About 150 delegates from 33 countries and about 100 researchers from India participated in the conference.

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