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Friday, February 02, 2007

Liver Disease: Doctor De-Mystifies the Mysterious Liver

Most people have heard of cirrhosis of the liver, which usually results from alcohol abuse. But few people are aware of the other common problems that can affect the liver. A new website featuring a series of articles by Dr. Ratnakar Kini sheds some much needed light on this much misunderstood organ known as the liver.

San Antonio, TX , U.S.A -- The human liver is the second largest organ in the body, but if you ask most people what the liver does, they probably couldn't tell you.

However, a new website and a series of original articles by Dr.Ratnakar Kini reveal the many different functions of the liver--and the many dangers that can cause liver problems.

In fact, according to Dr. Kini, "The liver can be affected by a number of viruses, bacteria, drugs, and diseases--some of which can be life threatening.

Dr. Kini's articles, which can be found at, detail such liver problems as liver disease, cirrhosis of the liver, liver cancer, and fatty liver disease.

Dr. Kini's articles also give numerous tips for preventing liver problems and maintaining overall liver health. Dr.Kini is a Gastroenterology resident at the Department of Digestive Health and Diseases, Chennai, India (formerly known as "Madras"). He is a Graduate in Pediatrics from The Institute of Child Health and Hospital for Children in Chennai.

The website also offers a blog that includes dozens of other articles, tips, and links to important resources related to the liver. Topics include liver detoxification, liver cleansing, liver cysts, and liver function tests. Furthermore, features links to recent news articles about many other issues regarding liver health.

For more information, go to The website is a service of Mastermind Learning Systems.

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