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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Aged couple undergo heart surgeries almost at same time

Coimbatore, Feb 13. (PTI): A couple, aged over 60 years, underwent cardiac-related surgeries almost at the same time, at a city hospital.

The 66-year old B C Mondal and his wife Mayavati Mondal (62) from Kolkata, who completed 50 years of their marriage in December last, developed chest pain and breathing trouble soon and were admitted to a hospital there.

The doctors said the woman had a valve defect and needed replacement and the husband who had 90 per cent Left Main coronary disease, needed an early coronary bypass surgery.

According to Dr G Bakthavathsalam, Chairman of K G Hospital here, the couple, having heard about the hospital during a health awareness programme, travelled to Coimbatore in January and met Dr T Jayarama Pai, chief cardiac surgeon.

To avoid a sudden death due to left main coronary disease, Pai performed a five-hour marathon surgery on the man 15 days back, to create multiple bypass grafts, a release from the hospital said on Monday.

After three days, when the husband was about to be shifted from the ICU, the wife underwent valve replacement, which needed stoppage of heart, removal of the diseased valve and replacement with 'St.Judge Valve' costing Rs.50,000, Bakthavathsalam said.

Claiming that the operative procedure, even though risky, went on without any complication, he said the couple were recovering and would be discharged from the hospital soon.

According to Bhakthavathsalam, operating on husband and wife within a gap of three days was not a usual practice. Usually, one among the couple will be operated first and only after complete recovery, a surgery will be conducted on the spouse, he observed.

Pai said, the couple have recovered well and are now ready to travel back to Kolkata.

"I had to take into consideration the emotional feelings of the couple during the surgeries, apart from the surgical risks involved. It was therefore, a 'must win' situation for me", Pai said.

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