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Monday, September 27, 2010

Kini, Bolisetti consolidate in JK Tyre racing

Ajay Kini of Wallace Sports and Sailesh Bolisetti of RAD Racing consolidated their positions at the top of the Formula LGB and Super Saloons class at the end of the fourth round of the JK Tyre National Racing Championship Sunday.
Kini, who finished second in the first race Saturday, came third today behind the experienced Amerya Walavalkar (TVS Girling) and Ravikumar Deepak (Mars Racing) in the second Formula Swift race that was stopped due to rain after six laps.
Bolisetti from Vizag extended his dominance with a double in the Super Saloon class despite handling issues, especially in the second outing this morning in wet conditions.
His car, prepared by veteran and former champion Radha Selvarajan had a set up for wet going, but the race was eventually run on a drying track. Yet, Bolisetti had enough pace to keep his challengers at an arm's length to win comfortably.
The Formula Rolon races witnessed close battles with Saran Vikram (Mars Racing) winning the first time out, but falling away in the next due to mechanical problems.
His nearest competitor, Sarosh Hataria (Meco Racing) had a miserable outing in the first race when he spun after the gear fell into neutral at Turn-4 and he finished down the order. But in the second run, he passed the stricken Vikram's car to win.
With two more rounds to be run, Vikram heads the championship with 33 points followed by Hataria and Vishnu Prasad (Amaron Pro Racing) at 29 points each.
The wet track resulted in pile-up of cars in several races leading to delays in the schedule, but fortunately, none of the drivers involved suffered any injury.
The results:
Formula LGB Swift (Race 2, 6 laps): Ameya Walavalkar (TVS Girling) 1 (13mins, 07.748secs); Ravikumar Deepak (Mars Racing) 2 (13:17.720); Ajay Kini (Wallace Sports) 3 (13:27.203).
Formula Rolon (Race 1, 10 laps): Saran Vikram (Mars Racing) 1 (19:00.479); Nikhil Kashyap (Amaron Pro Racing) 2 (19:18.575); Vishnu Prasad (Amaron Pro Racing) 3 (19:23.072). Race 2 (10 laps): Sarosh Hataria (Meco Racing) 1 (19:09.658); Chittesh Mandody (Mohite's Racing) 2 (19:14.287); Vishnu Prasad (Amaron Racing) 3 (19:51.671).
Polo Cup (Race 1, 12 laps): Sailesh Bolisetti 1 (25:25.172); Vikash Anand (RAD Racing) 2 (25:35.536); Parth Ghorpade (Meco Motorsports) 3 (25:36.609). Race 2 (12 laps): Parth Ghorpade (Meco Motorsports) 1 (25:13.862); Mohd Fahad Kutty (Game Over) 2 (25:18.214); Imran Majid (Game Over) 3 (25:26.826).
Touring Cars - Super Saloons (Race 2, 7 laps): Sailesh Bolisetti (RAD Racing) 1 (15:03.557); Raj Virudhan (Prime Racing) 2 (15:10.440); Mohammad Fahad Kutty (Game Over) 3 (15:20.296).
Touring Cars - Junior Cup: (Race 1, 9 laps): B Balavijay (Moto Rev India) 1 (20:26.907); Dilijit Singh (Meco Motorsports) 2 (20:27.411); Mhir Dharkar (Game Over) 3 (18:41.300, +1 lap). Race 2 (7 laps): B Balavijay 1 (16:47.597); Diljith Singh 2 (16:49.929); Vignesh Devarajan (Pvt) 3 (16:53.427).

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