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Monday, September 27, 2010

Kaav to rock the city

KOCHI: Three friends ­— a graphic designer, a website content writer and a dog trainer. When they got together, they rocked, literally. And that was how ‘Kaav’ was born. The music of the three-piece band with Shyam Pai on the lead guitar,
Shabeer Ali on the bass and Arun Kumar on the drums is a heady mix of Indian classical music, folk, rock, metal and more. “It’s up to the listener to describe our music. At the most you can call it psychedelic,” say the trio, who are self-taught musicians based in Vypeen.The three-song debut album (Extended Play or EP) they released recently was a low budget maiden attempt and they were dumbstruck when they found their video ‘Daya’ featured in the website of none other than Coldplay! “At first we didn’t know what was happening. The Youtube hits for our album suddenly rose by hundreds within hours,” says Shyam. “Then we learnt that Coldplay had featured it in their ‘Exhibits’ section. I had sent it to them months back and forgotten all about it.” ‘Daya’ can still be found in Coldplay’s site. Interestingly, ‘Kaav’ doesn’t have a vocalist. But they are happy without one as of now because “the equation we share with each other is more important to us.” Moreover,  being purely instrumental has now become their signature. Produced by Baiju Dharmarajan of MotherJane, it was a long cherished dream come true for the trio. “For a long while, we had no exposure to western music, no support from family and no money for the right instruments.” ‘Daya’ has been shot and edited by Shyam on his handycam. It has been shot entirely in and around coastal Kochi but Shyam’s artistic skills have given it a surreal quality.It was destiny which brought the three together. Shyam and Shabeer were classmates at school and later, they used to have jam sessions together. After college, Shyam left for Delhi while Shabeer turned to dog training. But the dream of forming a band stayed in their minds and the two got together again and looked out for a drummer. last year a common friend introduced them to Arun, who had earlier played in a deathmetal band. Arun had let go of all his musical ambitions to work at Chennai. The trio soon found that they had a lot more in common than their birthdays which fall in October 1981, and felt that it was time to realise their dream.“Forming a band is easy. Continuing to stay together is difficult,” they say. Their next aim is to make themselves heard in music festivals and other shows. They have not yet decided what they will compose next. “Our music is influenced by everything we have listened to,” they say. That ranges from Indian classical music and old Hindi film songs to the music of Coldplay, Opeth and Porcupine Tree. “Even the music of a wayside beggar inspires us. It has sweet melancholy.” With a set of talented musicians and a lot of enthusiasm, ‘Kaav’ is set to go places. “What matters more is the emotion that our music evokes, not the genre of music,” they say.Their songs can be downloaded at They are going to perform on September 26 at the ‘Gathering Storm’ rock festival at the K T Poulose Hall near the public library. 

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