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Saturday, September 01, 2007

KarMic celebrates its anniversary

MANIPAL: The Karnataka Microelectronic Design Centre (KarMic) organised Srishti to commemorate its eighth anniversary celebrations recently, said a press release from the KarMic.

It stated that the engineers had established a high-level of customer service and was proud to have over 250 engineers, who have been trained in transistor level VLSI design, and had the highest retention rate in the industry. It was one of the largest analog chip design companies in India.

Padmavibhushan Prof Valiathan, Dr Shanthipavan, Dr Narasimha Bhat, Sitharam Hegde, Niranjan, managing director of the KarMic Mahant Shetty, vice-president (Business and Strategy Development) Muthukrishnan, executive directors Suman Pai, Vaibhav Prabhu, Srinivas Bhat, Deepa Prabhu, Prasad Mirji and Mahesh K V were present.

�Colaiste,� a KarMic magazine, was released on the occasion and to mark the occasion, engineers planted saplings.

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