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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chennai filmmaker talks about That Four Letter Word

Its a film that you probably would never had the opportunity to watch had it not been for the multiplex revolution.

We are talking about That Four Letter Word a film directed by Sudhish Kamath from Chennai who happens to be a film critic.

Kamath is grateful, as his film has finally got a theatrical release in Mumbai. After releasing the film in Chennai, the filmmaker wanted film buffs in Mumbai to watch his film as well.

Made with a budget of Rs 3 lakh, That Four Letter Word is the story of four young boys and their journey through the four letter word called 'life'.

"Multiplexes have revolutionised filmmaking. Our film is not about snake charmers. Its about India today,” says Kamath.

And at helping the young filmmakers get a theatrical release is of course the multiplexes that have encouraged an entire set of filmmakers who may have the passion but not necessarily the means to shoot it on conventional film format.

"Its a thing we wanted our customers to enjoy. Experience different things,” says Assistant VP, Fun Cinemas, Rahul Takalkar.

And if you harbour any such cinematic leanings, then you can be assured of a screening, at least in a multiplex irrespective of the format it has been shot in.

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