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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Konkani Manyatha Diwas

Script plays vital role

“Kannadigas love and respect other languages. When the proposal of introducing Konkani as third optional language in schools came up, our government wholeheartedly supported it. I will personally be the happiest if Konkani language adopts Kannada script over Devanagari script to teach the language to students,” said Home Minister M P Prakash.
Speaking at the ‘Konkani Manyatha Diwas’ at Ganapathy High School premises on Sunday and accepting a felicitation from the organisers, Mr Prakash said that script plays a vital role as it is due to the script that the beauty and essence of any language is passed on from generations to generations.
He said that many languages of certain region have already been lost in wake of language policies of foreign rulers who imposed their language and curbed the usage of local languages.
He said that there are some languages which are on the verge of being lost owing to several reasons and efforts must be made to safeguard these language.
He said that the immense love for Konkani language that the Konkani speaking population have is an example for how a person must have pride on his or her own language.
Lauding the efforts of the Academy to train interested people in Konkani drama, Mr Prakash said that such unique ideas must be adopted everywhere in the State to promote regional language.
“If you stand and fight for Konkani, you are indirectly standing for several other allied languages like Tulu, Kannada, Marathi etc,” he added.
He said that ‘Nadu Bhashe’ (mother tongue) is ‘pavithra’ (the purest) of all and it is in one’s mother tongue alone that an individual can express his innate, intrinsic feelings flawlessly.
That is the power of mother tongue, he said.
Earlier, a Konkani cultural troupe beautifully staged a dance drama with the moral story that one who does not follow or use his own mother tongue will not be respected anywhere in the world, no matter who he is.
Mangalore MLA Yogish Bhat presided over the programme. Karnataka Konkani Sahithya Academy President Eric Ozario and others were present.
Karnataka Konkani Sahithya Academy has been celebrating August 20 as the Konkani Manyatha Diwas marking the inclusion of Konkani language in the 8th schedule of the Constitution.

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