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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Chinese stories in Kannada

BANGALORE: What happens if the mind wanders in a world of ‘ifs’? “Anything can be inferred and in a story, there are immense possibilities to imagine and deconstruct those imaginings,” says short-story writer Vivek Shanbhag.

This Sunday, Shanbhag will release Adunika Cheeni Sanna Kathegalu, a Kannada book on modern Chinese stories which includes one such story: re (‘if’ in Kannada).

“It’s about a person who recounts an accident he survived. He keeps thinking of what would have happened if he had not taken that route,’’ he says. The story conjures up alternative choices he could have made, some even bordering on the absurd.

Author Gopalkrishna Pai says there have not been many attempts to translate Chinese stories into Kannada. “I found a lacuna on that front. So I chose 18 stories written by 16 writers, including two women. They cover rural aspects, city-centric issues, magic realism, etc., most of which are set in the post-1985 world. But for two writers who passed away, the others are still writing interesting pieces,” says Pai.

The collection will include heart-warming stories such as Saavu Badukina Naduve, Oh, Tsiyang Tsu and many others.

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