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Thursday, April 05, 2007

PETA launches egg campaign

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has launched a new campaign 'Don`t Eat Eggs' in Thiruvananthapuram.

The campaign focuses on downgrading the nutritional value of eggs so as to persuade people to adopt alternative choices, thereby bringing an end to inhuman living conditions of chicken in poultry farms.

The argument however, seems to have few takers among the non-vegetarian Malayalees.

PETA says eggs are over-hyped as powerhouses of energy and are often contaminated with bacteria, leading to food poisoning.

"An egg leads to life. A chick hatches out of an egg. We are trying to correlate the two. An egg has life," said Rohini Kamath, PETA.

The campaign also intends to highlight the shabby conditions at poultry farms - cruel and unhygienic.

"You have stacks and stacks of battery cages, probably the size of a newspaper where seven or nine hen are stuffed and they live like this for two years. A hen lays eggs every 34 hours and after two years their capacity goes down and they are sent to slaughter houses," said Kamath.

But poultry-farm owners don't buy the argument, saying that the animals are treated well as that makes good business sense.

"They are saying this because they do not know anything about poultry. It is our business. We take good care of our hen and feed them well. We take care of them as our own children. If we don't, they might contract some disease and die. That will be a loss for us," said Jaffer, owner, SJ Poultry farm.

The campaign is welcome insofar as it calls for a more humane treatment of poultry.

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