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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Konkani suffering due to wrong stand by Kendra Sahitya Academy

The Konkani language is suffering due to the wrong stand taken by the Kendra Sahithya Academy,” according to Karnataka Konkani Sahithya Academy President Eric Ozario. Apparently, the Devnagari lobby of Goa is the reason for such an “error.”

Speaking to Deccan Herald here on Monday, he said the Kendra Sahithya Academy has been presenting the awards only for the literature printed in Devnagari script though there are many other scripts including two prominent scripts - Roman (in Goa) and Kannanda (in Karnataka) for Konkani language.


Though it was the decision of the Standing Advisory Board of the Kendra Sahithya Academy, taken by a few people way back in 1981, the same yardstick has been continuing even after 26 years, Mr Ozario regretted.

The Konkani Sahithya Academy had taken up the issue with the Kendra Sahithya Academy several times.

But in vain, he said and added that he will approach the President of India, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, to intervene and set right the issue.

“The Kendra Sahithya Academy should present the award for the language and not the script,” Mr Ozario said and added that he would pursue the matter even if it costs his job (of chairman of Konkani Academy).

“In fact, its worth fighting for,” he said.

Quite interestingly, the Advisory Board for Konkani comprises 10 members and a thumping majority of members (7) are from Goa (who are the staunch followers of Devnagari script) while the rest are from Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala (1 each). It may be mentioned here that a number of Konkani litterateurs have brought out some of the best literary works in Kannada script, opine senior Konkani litterateurs.

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