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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Info Tech cannot protect India: RSS leader

Information Technology cannot protect India, but agriculture and protection can, said Vidyanand Shenoy, RSS leader at a Hindu conference which was held here in Sirsi on Saturday to celebrate the birth centenary of Guruji. He urged Hindus to pledge against untouchability and cooperate to make India strong for World service.

The conference was held to realize Sri Guruji's dream of Akhand Bharat. Conversion, terrorism and protection of cows dominated his speech.

The huge crowd listened in rapt attention as he recounted the life of Guruji. Guruji always strove for the cause of Akhand Bharat and was worried about the nation's decline. India’s exploitations had not stopped even after Independence, with conversions in India. He blamed instances of conversion on the social set-up of India. To stress that India was tolerant, he said that perhaps Jesus Christ would have had a less painful death if he was born in India.

Swarnavalli Sri Gangadharendra Saraswati called for the inclusion of Hindu dharma in the Indian constitution. In entire Karnataka, conversion was taking place, most in Uttar Kannada district. People in the district must wake up. They must protect cows, he stated. The slogan of unity in diversity was the reason for many problems, he reasoned. Sri Shivling Swamiji of Bannad Mutt regretted that people were becoming culturally poor.

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