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Friday, December 14, 2007

Mhadei Bachao Abhiyan to file contempt plea against Karnataka before SC

The Mhadei Bachao Abhiyan will soon file a contempt petition before the Supreme Court against the Karnataka government for re-starting the work on the Kalsa-Bhandura project that can seriously affect the course of the Mhadei river and damage the eco-diversity of North Goa, when the matter is sub-judice.

The convenor of the Mhadei Bachao Abhiyan, Ms Nirmala Sawant, addressing a press conference, this afternoon said that the Karnataka government had already filed an affidavit before the apex court that it would not re-start the work on the particular project until a judicial decision is reached on the matter.

“However, the Karnataka government has now re-started the project work which can be proved from a number of photographs taken by the Abhiyan and published in various newspapers, as well as footage of the same,” she stated.

The co-convenor of the Mhadei Bachao Abhiyan, Mr Rajendra Kerkar and Dr Nandkumar Kamat were also present for the briefing.

Speaking further, Ms Sawant said that the Anjunem dam in North Goa, as well as the proposed Virdi dam across the border, in Maharashtra are within a radial distance of 3 km, causing possible grave danger of earthquakes due to the intense water pressure on land in the nearby areas. “No scientific study has been carried out as regards the Virdi dam,” she alleged. Ms Sawant also informed that the height of the Virdi dam is to be increased and the Goa government has given its consent for the same.

“The Virdi dam will also affect the course of the river Valvanti, which in turn will have disastrous effect on the drinking water in Bicholim taluka, besides on the horticultural and agricultural sector in this taluka,” she predicted.

Dr Kamat maintained that the state government has given a green signal to the Virdi dam without any cabinet decision or agreement between the Goa and the Maharashtra governments.

“The uncontrolled felling of trees across the border has already resulted in massive soil erosion during the monsoons, which in turn has flooded the Keri village from time to time,” he pointed out.

Dr Kamat further displayed a number of photographs to prove his point and said that the state government should act before it is too late.

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