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Friday, December 02, 2005

Driven To Excel

The explosion in use of consumer electronic products, computers and digitization of data has lead to an increased need for storage. In India too, enterprises - both multinationals and others, have experienced a growth in their storage needs.

Yogesh Kamat, Country Manager and Simon Lee, Director - marketing APAC, Maxtor, spoke about advanced digital storage technology in the hard disc drive space, its market status and the company's new offerings for enterprises.

"As the world goes digital, the need to store data increases. Demand for computer storage is being driven not only by the conversion of manual data to electronic data, but also by new data that is being created as a result of new technologies such as the internet, enterprise and server demands, and an increase in the demand for PCs and notebook drives," said Kamat.

iting factors leading to an increased demand in the Indian hard disk drive market, Kamat said, "One obvious reason is that high-power and storage-heavy applications today demand additional storage space. Moreover the vast amount of non-magnetic data provides a large window of opportunity for the hard disk industry."

"Other factors include the decreasing cost per megabyte, the low installed base of these solutions and the transition in the amount and type of data that is to be stored and managed," he added.

Another important contributor lowering hard drive factory cost is a fall in the amount of components to build disk drive units of high capacity, he felt.

System integrators and IT managers are defining new areas of opportunities for high capacity disk drives. To help IT managers build and maintain their storage systems, Maxtor has recently come up with its new offering - which is specifically designed for use in multi-drive environments and storage arrays.

On the new introduction, Lee informed that the drive brings together a host of new advanced features and technology to help system IT managers build and maintain their storage systems. The features are designed to maximize performance and improve data integrity and ease of use in reference storage, data protection and cost-sensitive enterprise applications.

Also the procuct enables the drive to withstand higher rotational vibration from adjacent drives and also has accelerated error recovery that completes commands within 15 seconds, without reduced data integrity, making it ideal for RAID applications.

Lee informed that interoperability between Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and SATA makes the MaXLine family the ideal complement to its SAS drives, providing customers the broadest range of capacity and performance for their enterprise storage needs. The SAS interface allows SAS and SATA disk drives to be configured in the same enclosure, enabling customers to mix and match high-performance

With an emphasis on quality, technology, staying competitive and time to market, the company's products have made significant inroads in the Banking, Finance and Telecom segments.

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